pcnews: Tell us the story of Art. Lebedev Studio.
Artemy Lebedev: The studio was founded in 1995. At that time it was the first web
design studio in Russia and at home we””re largely known for the website design. By the way, our main achievement in web design is invention of scalable websites. Western school sees websites from a traditional “paper” point of view. We””ve moved much further and all of our sites stretch to the window””s width. Then we became first to offer interface design and engineering, then we became the first industrial design studio. At this point we””re the only company in Russia to be hired by a multinational corporation to design a product (that in Samsung Sweetheart microwave oven). We do a lot of graphic design, too.

pcnews: Is Rusia a good contry for art design? It is better than Italy?
Artemy Lebedev: Russia is better for design activities since it lacks design. Italy
is famous for its cars, shoes, furniture etc. Russia is like a big
empty field where you can grow anything you want.

pcnews: How big are your portfolio?
Artemy Lebedev: 727 works as of today.

pcnews: Optimus is our dream keyboard. How come the idea for Optimus keyboard?
Artemy Lebedev: This idea was obvious for me since I was in school. Only now I had a
team and time to start this project to become a reality.

pcnews: In wich country will be manufacture of Optimus keyboard and when
will hit the market?
Artemy Lebedev: It will most likely be assembled in some Asian country. And I hope to
see it in 2006.

pcnews: It was dfificult to implemet OLED technology in a keyboard?
Artemy Lebedev: We””re still in the middle of the process of putting everything
together. It””s difficult, but not impossible, as it was 15 years ago.

pcnews: What users will be the target of Optimus keyboard?
Artemy Lebedev: Typesetting professionals, music editors, video editors, gamers, and all sorts of professional users from medical specialists to financial brokers.

pcnews: The price will be under 150USD?
Artemy Lebedev: I doubt it.

pcnews: You have some plans for the Romanian market?
Artemy Lebedev: Haven””t thought of that yet.

pcnews: What you know about Romania?
Artemy Lebedev: It””s the motherland of Dracula.

pcnews: What keyboard do you recomand to readers of www.PCNews.ro? (until Optimus keyboard will be available)
Artemy Lebedev: X-keys Professional by PI Engineering.

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