Never wash up another spoon again! This fun mug stirs your drink at the press of a button.

If your office kitchen is anything like the one at Stuff HQ, you probably shouldn’t go in without protective clothing, let alone use any of the mould-covered utensils to be found in there. With this in mind, some clever boffins have created the Magic Self-Stirring Mug. No need to hunt for the last teaspoon – now you can stir your drink at the touch of a button.

Both convenient and a bit of a giggle, the Magic Self-Stirring Mug is certain to be the hit of the office. But why stop there? Next time you buy a coffee on a train and all the sugar’s sunk to the bottom, pour it into your magic mug, throw that naff polystyrene cup away and stir things up. Wherever you want a drink, take this with you.

The Magic Self-Stirring Mug features a ‘sip-through’ safety lid for particularly hot drinks, which may also prevent you getting splattered if you’ve over-filled your cup. Its stainless steel exterior wall helps your drink retain its heat, and also makes the mug durable. Even cleaning it is a doddle – pour some hot water and washing up liquid in and press the stir button! We would say you’d be a mug not to get one, but we don’t like to stoop to cheap puns. Well, not too often…

Uses 2 x AAA batteries, included. Please note the Magic Self-Stirring Mug should not be submerged in water or cleaned in a dishwasher.


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