If you like to have crazy looking speakers take a look to IZ. So what is IZ?

Well as you might expect from any self-respecting alien, IZ produces a hip hop cacophony of funky sounds, beats and rhythms (don’t all aliens?), and is as his inventor so aptly puts it ‘the interactive dude with attitude’. Standing nearly 23cm tall IZ is a space age DJ that plays infectious beats when you poke his belly, cool musical leads and rhythms when you twist his ears, and even drops in some scratch breaks when you flick the antennae-like dongle over his head. You can control the rhythms, tempo, breaks and leads by prodding and twisting his body parts, and all the while his giggly eyes will wobble about and hit trombone nose flashes different colors.

Crazy cartoon looking interactive speaker and DJ.
Quality audio speaker compatible with nearly all MP3/CD players.
You can create your own tunes by twisting and poking various parts on Iz.
Dozens of musical combinations are available, from electronic beats to melodies
Iz has three legs, eyes that bounce and a light-up nosecone that flashes to your funky beats.
There are four modes: Play, DJ, Wziz FM and Speaker.
Six possible volumes.
Desktop size.
Includes connection cable.
Colors may vary.
Iz comes in a funky transparent presentation box.


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