As you know (I hope you know, you must know except if you are an alien), Lenovo buy IBM notebook business. And now Lenovo lunch a new notebook: Yoga. The design is interesting and the keyboard is detachable. Inthe same time you can flip around the LCD screen. And in this way Yoga notebook has a desktop look!

On the flexibility of learning.
The concept for the Yoga laptop is hinged on the bending of the mind. The design harmonises the personality of the user with the object of use. This multi-functional laptop is realised through the inclusion of an innovative soft hinge technology support that allows for three modes of self locking position: as a general laptop, tilted at 300 degree angle as a table display screen and bent over at 360 degree angle as a drawing pad. In keeping with the flexibility of use and transport, the Yoga laptop is designed with a detachable keyboard and wireless mouse. Yoga laptop, finished in tactile leather material has an inherent built-in visual identity technology programmed to automatically identify its owner. This makes it an object that is personal and secure.

Language is communication in totality. It relates to a past and culture, it reaches out to the future and others. As much as the knowledge of another language is an inviting inclusion, the ability to embrace and appreciate a foreign form of communication is often not an easy task. With the design of the Connection Touch, it is a specific design learning tool that serves as a central terminal for interaction and communication of the Chinese language, in terms of its culture, written and spoken language. The series of topics programmed into the Connection Touch represents the most important cultural events and Chinese calligraphic artists works, selected from B.C.100 through to the Qing dynasty of Chinese history. As an interactive tool, Connection Touch supports basic writing form, with steps to direct the user learning to write individual Chinese characters. The ease of learning using the Connection touch, which can also be modified into a touch pad product, is communicated through digital video, stills and writing activities within a simple interface.

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