Minister of Information Industry Wang Xudong said in Beijing on December 27th that beginning in 2006, China will start work on requiring real name registration of mobile phones. Smell like Communist Party want to know more easy who talking with who… 😉

Vice Minister of Information Industry Xi Guohua said earlier that according to statistics of the Ministry of Public Security, most crimes committed via mobile phones do not have real persons registered to these phones. It was learned that most SMS messages that harm the public interest at present fall into the following categories: one covers fraudulent messages, such as notices of winning prizes, two covers pornographic and other indecent messages, three covers the dissemination of rumors, of scary messages, of fake documents, counterfeit drugs and other harmful messages including illegal firearms.

It was learned that at present China has 388 million mobile phone users. China Mobile’s Shenzhouxing and China Unicom’s Ruyitong are all prepaid services. According to incomplete statistics, these prepaid services have approximately 200 million customers and among these, many do not register their real names. Implementing mobile phone registration of real persons would mean that most of these prepaid customers would have to re-register.

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