Self Defense Technologies, Inc. (SDT) has developed the world’s first “true” fighting android. Specifically, SDT’s invention is known as an electromechanical training apparatus or Fighting Android FA1. This android will revolutionize the training and conditioning of participants in boxing, martial arts and kick boxing along with providing both recreation and entertainment for the general public.

Historically, participants in the above mentioned sports have required many hours of training and conditioning to improve their skills of punching and kicking; as well as, practicing defensive maneuvers of blocking, dodging and ultimately counter attacking an opponent. Usually their passive training was through the utilization of devices such as heavy weight bags, speed bags and target boards. Also, handheld pads and punching dummies have been used as additional training devices. Ultimately, participants have had to spar against each other to hone hand-eye coordination and improve overall physical conditioning in a more realistic setting.

Each of the above mentioned training methods has numerous shortcomings in preparing a fighter for an actual match. The passive devices only receive blows and offer no active resistance to the offensive fighter. Handheld pads, punching dummies and other semi-active methods may subject participants to higher risks of injury. The holder of pads or strap-on punching dummies may sustain broken bones in the hand and wrist resulting from the delivery of powerful kicks or strikes to the handheld targets. Over time, the holder may develop a tendency to unconsciously pull the pad away just before the moment of contact which could lead to injury to the fighter’s muscles and joints. Such defensive behaviors also diminish the development of proper hand-eye coordination by the fighters.

Lastly, medical research has shown that boxing and contact martial arts can lead to numerous acute health problems. Several boxing contests have been cancelled because of injuries sustained by fighters during practice sparring matches in the gym. Some of the injuries sustained were concussions, brain damage, shoulder separations and injuries to various parts of the head such as the mouth, eyes and ears. In the more tragic accidents, fighters have died due to errant blows. It is also well documented that professional boxers and kick boxers can develop symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer’s disease, thus the term “punch drunk.” The onset of such symptoms is believed to be related to the cumulative effects of repeated blows to the head region during the fighter’s career.

Instructors and fitness center owners are in dire need of a means of demonstrating various punches, kicks and other contact techniques without risking injury to themselves or their students and patrons. Several devices that are basically padded dummies or wooden structures are available that reduce the risk of injury; yet, they are passive in nature. The user does not experience any real-life sparring opportunity since these devices are restrictive, immobile and noncompetitive. SDT’s fighting android provides an active means of training for martial arts, boxing and kick boxing; as well as, improving the general aerobic conditioning of recreational users.

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