Send your pen soaring three feet into the air – totally useless, yet utterly addictive.

When you’re sat writing a memo, doing a crossword or simply doodling whilst on the phone, have you ever thought ‘I wish my pen was also a tabletop rocket that I could fire three feet into the air’? Of course you haven’t. But now you know you can get a pen that does just that, how can you resist?

The Rocket Pen is one of those pointless but fun items that you can’t help but become fascinated by. Pop one of these on your desk, and we’ll guarantee none of your colleagues will able to walk past without having a push on the plunger. In your most bored moments, the Rocket Pen will always give you a spot of entertainment, even in years to come.

This inter-planetary biro doesn’t need batteries or fuel, so you can keep launching it all day long without worrying you’ll run out of power. It features a soft nose cone and rubber sides to prevent damage on impact (but we wouldn’t aim it in the vicinity of anything breakable just in case.) And yes, it is a real pen too – not that you’ll spend much time writing with it when you discover how much fun launching it is…


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