Imagine a TV remote control combined with beads. You can do much better than pressing buttons, switching channels in hope to find something interesting. Shape your habitual time-spending in unusual form.
It looks stupid for me but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this will be a great product and in the future we will use this kind of remote to switch fast from Porn to Discovery channel when sombody come.

Nowadays TV-set is not longer accepted as a mere reciever – it had transformed into a cult object, the thing we can watch and interact with for hours, the source of our knowledge and inspiration. If you accept this statement with humor, as a matter of fact – go after our new design of TV remote – remote control combined with beads (remobeads). Now you can shift between channels effortless – just slightly pressing the beads. The beads are glowing, so you can easily see them in the darkness. As an option you can add a sound – enjoy listening to your favourite mantras while switching the channels.
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