Interview with Ivica Stankovic, ATI PR Manager, South Eastern Europe

pcnews: Tell us the story of your company.

ATI was founded 20 years ago, in golden era of IT, when everything was possible. 2 smart and ambition man wanted to start they own business making real American dream. First few years were tough but work and innovative design, solution were victories. Today ATI has 3600 employees throughout world making our lives easier, faster and beautiful. Over 80% of graphic chips used in mobile and smart phones runs on ATI graphic.

pcnews: What kind of end user should buy ATI X1900?

Initially X1900 is A Must For The Gamers. With technology used there is no game which is not supported by ATI and all games will run faster.

pcnews: It is ATI X1900 a better option than NVIDIA 7800GTX? Why?
Off course it is. ATI is using an advance technology which is not based on GPU clock speed or memory. It is completely new approach to building more power to your graphic and we are far ahead of NVIDIA. Supporting today?s game is obsolete but making game faster in future is task to handle. We all remember times when graphic card bought today is not of nig use in year time, as new games are more powerful and demanding. ATI made graphic chips which are far more powerful then today?s game and games will be much faster in near future when game developers are starting using it?s advance technology.

pcnews: What are differences between ATI Cross Fire and NVIDIA SLI?

Once again in approach. NVIDIA SLI system is ?old? and mature now and yes it is good system, but it is made of two cards technologically old. So with SLI you have fast system which may not be as fast as today in 6 months time, if we talk about games. In pure benchmarks yes it will be faster but I am not playing any benchmark at home. You?
On the other side there are games which are not possible to make faster as they are not optimized for 2 cards system, regardless if it is ATI or NVIDIA?s. But in that position ATI is making your games more beautiful using its superb and tremendous image quality set.

pcnews: What are strong points of ATI Cross Fire?

I just pointed them; We are offering more than just power. Your eyes will see difference.

pcnews: How you see the future of VGA cards?

Very tough question and I am not an engineer, but I guess we will stay on this line of making cards in next 6 years. Games will make IT business go around so we need to wait a bit.

pcnews: We will have 4-6 graphic cards in our PC? How far industry can go with ?multi- anything? strategy (like CPU multi core, Cross Fire, SLI, etc)?

It is possible and not so hard to make PCs with lots of cards today. But there is a question of usability! Who needs that, and those numbers need to be high enough in order to make business. On the other side there are situation when your PC is CPU limited as today’s graphic cards are far more faster then CPUs. So we will need some technology breakthrough in CPU manufacturing process first.

pcnews: Can you tell us your NB and desktop configuration? Can you mention the brands of components?
Today I have Sapphire ATI Radeon Xpress200 motherboard, HIS ATI Radeon X1800XT, AMD Dual Core 3800+ , 1GB Kingston HyperX memory and 2 WD HDDs of 160GBs. Also Chenbro Alu-Case, Logitech keyboard and mouse and AG Neovo 19″ TFT monitor.
But this is something that I was building during time.

pcnews: You have some plans for the Romanian market (like open a branch office)?
I think that we are not opening branch office in near future ( 3 years or so ), but we in ATI have large plans for Romanian market. Large country, on the verge of EU, lots of nice companies interesting end-users way of thinking. so yes we are going to stay for sure and we are going to invest.

pcnews: What do you know about Romania? What do you like and what don?t like in Romania (IT or not)?

I am Serbian so I know lots about Romania. We are neighbors. Difficult to say what I like the most as I didn?t have time to spend in Romania. That will come by time. I dislike your roads and high-way ( non-existence ).

pcnews: You can tell something special for readers?

Use your PC to make your life better, be smart and happy.

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