ATI announce the launch of two new media processors for mobile phones: The Imageon™ 2388 and Imageon 2380. Featuring the fastest possible 3D acceleration, Imageon™ 2388 and 2380 support all the features of OpenGL 1.2 and offer greater creativity and freedom for mobile game developers. This new level of 3D graphics combines both audio and video for a complete mobile multimedia solution.

Imageon™ 2380 and 2388 showcase page features some of this ongoing work with a selection of ATI’s partners, including the Climax Group.

Climax & ATI Imageon
Next generation OpenGLES based 3D mobile hardware will usher in a new era of mobile gaming and being able to leverage Climax’s 3D gaming expertise on this new and exciting medium is a key component of handheld and mobile strategy. It takes years of experience to execute games that will make best use of this new chipset and is fundamentally a new proposition that the mobile space has so far been able to avoid. We are confident that Climax has the expertise and vision to be a key player in helping ATI to usher in this new era.

Sudeki developed on ATI Imageon™ 2388
Sudeki is a conversion of an existing combat Role-Playing Game (RPG) from a native PC and XBox gaming console code base to a functioning demonstration version for ATI’s Imageon™ 3D technology. It shows the need for an increase in polygon rate and fill rate performances and added graphics features compared to other types of games. The Imageon™ 2388 and 2380 multimedia processors add more texturing flexibility, character skinning and particle effects than the Imageon 2300 thus enabling games that require: 1) dynamic character based games such as action, sports and RPGs, 2) richer, organic environments (rather than rigid) and 3) higher polygon count and highly flexible texturing capabilities. Sudeki uses all those features seamlessly to immerse gamers into a village called New Bright Water and invite them to fight a horde of hostile foes that threathen its peace.

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