Could this be sibling rivalry? The µ DIGITAL 800 won many accolades for its combination of performance and compact design. Now, the µ 810 is set to steal the attention from its “older brother”. Thanks to a collapsible lens unit and repositioned shutter system, this digital camera packs 8.0 million pixels and cutting-edge features into the smallest body of its class. And while a stainless steel, weatherproof* body provides protection, its exquisite form and elegant silver exterior make sure it draws envious glances wherever it’s taken.

BrightCapture Technology ensures users optimum results when shooting in low light situations, such as during evening beach strolls or dinner parties. By reducing the need for the flash, more natural, atmospheric pictures are possible. The innovative technology also aids framing in poor light by presenting a live image on the large 6.4cm LCD that is four times brighter than on conventional systems. Help for great blur-free shots is also at hand with the Digital Image Stabilisation Edit feature. It lets the effects of camera shake be significantly compensated, so even the one-off shot that was spontaneously taken can be rescued if blurred.

Compact dimensions, great results
With the µ 810, the Olympus R&D team has taken a very compact body and made it even smaller – without cutting down on performance. By employing a collapsible lens mechanism and repositioning the shutter mechanism, a very compact lens system measuring merely 17mm was created. As a result, the whole body size could be reduced, making this the smallest in its class. This model’s aesthetic appeal is further heightened by a stylish form and stainless steel finish. With the µ family, beauty is not skin deep. Behind its weatherproof* exterior, the µ 810 also boasts top-of-the-range shooting performance. A resolution of 8.0 million pixels records extremely high definition images. It is teamed up with a bright 3x zoom lens system (equivalent to 35-105mm on a 35mm camera) to produce results that stand out with their clarity and sharpness. A large 6.4cm format and high 230,000 pixel resolution LCD not only makes it easier to frame shots, the wide viewing angle characteristics also let the user show the results to large groups of friends at the same time.

BrightCapture Technology for better night-time shooting
With most cameras, once the lights go down, the number of deleted shots often goes up. Friends disappear into the general darkness making framing a matter of shoot and see. Not so with the µ 810. Its LCD displays a high-contrast live image which is four times brighter than on normal models so the user can easily frame and capture the action of the night.

This model faithfully reproduces the unforgettable ambiance of subdued lighting in a club or the soft glow from a party bonfire. Especially primed to deliver improved performance in low light conditions, the µ 810 features an ISO range extending from ISO 64 to 1600, and even up to ISO 3200 in 3.0 megapixel mode. The higher sensitivity not only allows for faster shutter speeds to reduce the chance of camera shake causing blurred motifs, it also allows greater creative scope – for example, by enabling the capture of fast-moving objects with breathtaking clarity. Furthermore, the increased sensitivity effectively doubles the flash’s working range.

Digital Image Stabilisation Edit – check and correct in an instant
Should a picture nevertheless be blurred, the µ 810 has another surprise in store. With the Digital Image Stabilisation Edit feature, blur can be decreased at the touch of a button. By measuring the camera shake intensity, a dedicated Gyro Sensor makes it possible to determine the necessary level of compensation. Then, through intelligently processing the image, the improved photo is saved as a separate file – so there’s no loss of the original data. Besides requiring considerably less battery power than conventional image stabilisers, this technique also helps minimise camera size, weight and cost as no supplementary lenses are required.

Outstanding versatility and ease of use
For the more experienced photographer, this compact camera provides a Histogram mode to help assess exposure levels during framing. Moreover, the choice of 20 scene modes, such as Beach&Snow, Sport and Candle, prepare users for virtually any photo opportunity. And those who like to get close to their subjects will also appreciate the Super Macro shooting capabilities. Should there be any questions about these or other functions, a Guide Function is on hand to explain their purpose on the LCD. Movie capture in high-quality VGA (640×480) resolution with sound is additionally possible and recording length is only limited by the amount of available memory.

The user enjoys equal versatility when it comes to memory as the model features a built-in memory plus a slot for xD-Picture Cards. Besides a Panorama function, the latest High Speed Olympus xD-Picture Cards achieve data transfer rates 2-3 times faster than previous cards. Various art and 3D functions can also be applied to images recorded on these media – via the Olympus Master 1.4 software, included with the camera – to add a special dimension to compositions. And a new, high-performance lithium ion rechargeable battery (LI-12B) provides the power to keep shooting enjoyment going and going.

Setting a new benchmark in compact design and high resolution performance – in any type of lighting conditions – the Olympus µ 810 is the perfect choice for users who want a camera that shoots as good as it looks. The µ 810 will be available from spring 2006.

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