Viruses are everywhere… In mobile phone they are also. OK, to be more exact: in smart phones. So, big company can’t let to go so big opportunity. “What?”, maybe you say, “Viruses are opportunity?”. Yes, wake up. Of course they are. For Antivirus company for sure. So, nothing new here but I must mention that F-Secure and Nokia today announced that F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus will be available through Nokia to the users of four recently announced devices based on S60 3rd Edition – Nokia N71, Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70.

    For the Nokia N71, F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus will be distributed on the memory card in the standard device sales package, while for the Nokia Eseries devices, the antivirus client will be available at Nokia Catalogs service.
    F-Secure and Nokia have been cooperating in the area of increasing content security for years and have jointly developed distribution models for antivirus solutions. From 2004 onwards, F Secure Mobile Anti-Virus clients have already been available through Nokia to the users of select Nokia’s smartphone models. In addition, F Secure Mobile Anti-Virus clients have been included into some operator variants of Nokia’s mobile devices.

    Importing the antivirus software into the mobile device is an easy solution for the user. Once the antivirus client has been installed in the device, the user only needs to activate the antivirus update service.

    “Easy discovery and activation are critical to the adoption of antivirus service. The cooperation with Nokia is a great addition to our offering. By combining our automatic antivirus solution with the enhanced security features of Nokia’s smartphones, we can provide a competitive solution against harmful content,” said Antti Vihavainen, Vice President, Mobile Security, F-Secure.

    “As the market leader, Nokia is determined to be active in the development of security controls and preventive measures against malicious software. Providing antivirus software such as the F-Secure antivirus clients for select devices is a natural step in our aim to bring the most advanced security features into S60-based smartphones,” said Seppo Laukkanen, Vice President, Product Management, Nokia.

    F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus provides increased real-time, on-device protection against harmful content with automatic over-the-air antivirus updates. It is the world’s first and most widely available mobile operator antivirus service. The new F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus 3.0 supports devices based on Symbian OS v9 and the S60 3rd Edition platform.

    The S60 platform, built on Symbian OS, is the leading smartphone software in the world and it is licensed by some of the foremost mobile phone manufacturers in the market.

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