You love to have a special and unique watch? Then, why don’t give a chance to Grid Watch? It is not so elegant but is unique for sure.

We’re all part of the grid (whether we’re called Neo or not), and as such we need to stay plugged in. We’ve absolutely no idea what that means, but nevertheless the Grid Watch is a very cool and techy time keeper – which may well help with the whole plugging in thing.

Following on from the amazing popularity of the Binary Watch, the Grid Watch is the next generation. Called the Ibiza Ride for some unaccountable reason by people who’ve palpably never clubbed in Ibiza and may never have ridden. We decided it’s far more techy and gadgetry than ravey and ridey, hence calling it the Grid Watch. It displays the time with a mighty 60 colored LEDs, and can also show the date – well it shows you some illuminated LED’s and you then have to work out the date. We don’t mean to make it sound complicated, it actually uses a far easier time-telling system than the Binary Watch. The left hand double column tells you what hour it is (or month when in date mode), and the other columns tell you the minutes (or days). The LED’s fire up with a simple press of the winder button (that isn’t a winder obviously), and stays lit for 5 seconds, and a helpful pile of LEDs in the bottom right hand corner of the face let you know if it’s a.m. or p.m. (in case you’re too out of it to work that out for yourself), and when your in ‘Date’ mode, which sounds rather more exciting than it is.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the point of this watch is, except that it’s considerably more fun than a conventional watch to use, and it’s nice to know that virtually no-one will own a cooler one


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