NVIDIA unveiled the NVIDIA GoForce 5500 handheld graphics processing unit (GPU) the first handheld GPU to enable true, fluid digital TV, high-fidelity surround sound, rapid multi-shot photography, and console-class 3D graphics. For many years, these capabilities have been the domain of function-specific devices such as the home entertainment system, the digital still camera, or the Sony Playstation.

“High-quality multimedia services are a key revenue growth driver for the world’s carriers and content providers and we believe we’ll see significant uptake of these services in 2006,” said Mario Morales, semiconductor analyst for IDC. “Companies like NVIDIA, whose products deliver compelling and tangible improvements to the overall end user experience of these new services, are well placed to take advantage of this surge in demand.”

The newest member of the NVIDIA GoForce family of handheld GPUs, the NVIDIA GoForce 5500 delivers a host of multimedia features, including:

True, fluid digital TV and video

The industry’s first handheld GPU to playback H.264, WMV9 and MPEG-4 video up to D1 resolution1 at 30 frames per second (fps)
Compatible with major mobile TV standards including DVB-H, ISDB-T, and DMB networks
High Fidelity Surround Sound
The industry’s first handheld surround sound processor to deliver an immersive audio experience in the palm of a hand
Crossfade and multistream technologies help to prevent annoying breaks between songs and music cut out when the ringtone is activated
Console-class 3D gaming
Experience console-class games, such as Quake III Arena, at unrivalled speeds on a handheld device
3X the performance of the previous generation2
Sharp, crystal clear digital photography
Rapid multi-shot capabilities so users never miss a photo
Support for up to 10 megapixel resolution
Ultra-low power consumption
Dedicated low-power hardware design delivers more hours of entertainment on the phone with less drain on the talk time

“The introduction of the NVIDIA GoForce 5500 handheld GPU marks the beginning of a new era for 3G mobile phones,” said Michael Rayfield, general manager of the handheld GPU group at NVIDIA. “The NVIDIA GoForce 5500 GPU delivers high-quality video playback and capture, high-resolution camera support, and stunning 3D graphics—all at impressive performance levels that we believe consumers are going to demand in the next generation of mobile devices.”

Phones based on the NVIDIA GoForce 5500 handheld GPU are expected to be available from key handset manufacturers before the 2006 holiday season.

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