BenQ was make good mobile phone business in Taiwan. But they lose earth contact and BenQ acquired the mobile phone division of the Siemens. Don’t tell us what they do that. We don’t know. Maybe they like Simens name or something like this. They have promised to keep the working conditions in the factories same for now. But the Simens mobile phone business is a black hole and BenQ might be looking at job cuts in the mobile division in this days.

Production of mobile phones of the BenQ Mobile brand in Germany is in jeopardy. “If we don’t come to a solution by June, we are faced with a problem,” the head of BenQ Mobile Clemens Joos told the German business publication Handelsblatt. Whether and to what extent the former Siemens mobile phone division would continue to manufacture mobile phones in Germany depended on the negotiations with the trade unions, he averred.

According to the southern German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung IG Metall, the German electronics- and metalworkers’ union, had already been highly critical of statements by BenQ managers to emerge during the 3GSM World Congress. By threatening to relocate production, the mobile phone manufacturer was obviously trying to soften up its workforce ahead of calling on it to make concessions, the trade union observed.

The takeover of Siemens’ mobile phone division by the Taiwanese company BenQ included an agreement on the production facilities in which job guarantees were given in exchange for longer working hours. The term of this agreement ends in June.

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