Though the sale of movies on Universal Media Disc , which can be played exclusively on Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP), began on a hopeful note for Hollywood last year , the major studios Warner and Sony Pictures have now cut down on the number of new UMD releases. This the US industry magazine “Video Business” reports. Paramount is even said to have rejected the idea of releasing even a single new UMD title on the US market next month — despite the fact that it has quite a number of genuine blockbusters in store.

But whereas top titles in the US are said to still sell above 100,000 copies, average sales figures for copies have now reputedly leveled out at a meager 40,000 to 50,000 units. At the end of last year the market researchers of Understanding & Solutions were still predicting that although movie and game UMDs in 2006 would finish neck and neck with 13.2 million units each sold, in 2007 movie UMDs would soar ahead with 28 million units sold as compared to 23.2 million for game UMDs.


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