The Digitizing Line (DL 1500, DL 1800 and DL 3000) is a unique automated solution for fast turning pages and digitizing of all types of books, magazines and newspapers. It features fully automatic scanning from 1500 to 3000 pages per hour and produces high quality digital images (200 to 700 dpi).

The new generation of Digitizing Line, the Digitizing Line 3000, operates at a low speed for delicate or fragile books and can attain an unrivalled ultra-fast speed of 3000 pages/hour for books in good condition. This new product is also equipped with another characteristic that is essential for Library Directors: for books that require it, its camera head is capable of functioning in ambient light, thus ensuring that there is no additional emission of ultraviolet and infrared radiation. The process of turning pages is equipped with several security systems ensuring delicate handling without damaging the book.

The automatic Digitizing Line 3000 scanner therefore ushers in a new era of digitising solutions in complete accord with the current issues of digitisation of the cultural heritage. It provides unrivalled performance and reliability. This new solution allows the largest libraries world over to speed up their projects for digitising books and makes i2S – 4DigitalBooks (ASSY) an essential partner for current and future international projects. All models of scanners offered by i2S – 4DigitalBooks (ASSY) are compatible with one another, they function on a network and can be directly connected to character recognition (OCR conversion) and indexing systems. In partnership with service companies, the i2S – 4DigitalBooks (ASSY) consortium is therefore capable of providing a set of solutions, constituting genuine “digitising plants”.

General characteristics of Digitizing Line 3000:
Automatic detection and adaptation to the book parameters
High quality monochrome, grey scale and colour TIFF images
Exceptional productivity of up to 3000 pages per hour
Its camera head is capable of operating in ambient light
Only one page is turned at a time (no human error or productivity variation) and assured user-friendliness (as easy to use as a photocopy machine)
Book parameters recording (presets) allowing a fast way to work with similar books
Handles books of small page format (2xA5), as well as those of very large page format (2xA2)

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