Portable storage devices such as USB flash drives, digital cameras and MP3 players/iPods are virtually everywhere and are connected to a PC within seconds.
With virtually every PC having easily accessible USB ports the theft of data is for network users a mere child’s play.
The theft of data or infecting the company network through a simple connection is easy and doesn’t take more than a minute. Until now networks administrators had little chance to prevent this from happening or to catch the responsible user.
This was the hard reality until now. CoSoSys (BTW it is a Romanian company) announces today the availability of USB Traffic Control a network administration tool that gives corporations the control over what data is leaving or accessing their network through the USB Port.

USB Traffic Control gives the network administrator back the control needed to keep network endpoints safe.

USB Traffic Control lets the network administrator:

Control use of all USB storage devices
Tracking of what data is saved to USB storage devices
Tracking of what data is copied from USB storage devices
Authorize the use of USB storage devices “Trusted Devices”
Securing data on USB storage devices
Powerful reporting tool

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