The user MrPhiller write on the the folowing interesting info:

After hearing the Samsung UMPC was expected to be realeased with a $1,109 price tag, I was wondering what my favorite UMPC at the moment was going to be priced….

Heres the deal on basic UMPC specs:

* Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005, with Windows Touch Pack
* Intel Celeron M, Pentium M, or possibly VIA C7-M processor
* 256MB of RAM and up
* 800×480 (minimum) resolution
* 7″ (diagonal screen)
* 30GB hard drive, or more (50GB and 60GB to be common)
* US$600-1,000 price tag
* USB inputs, Integrated touch panel, WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled

Here’s the deal on the Asus specs:
1.3-megapixel front mounted cam for WiFi video conferencing
900MHz Celeron M
SDIO slot on top
The ASUS Security Protect Management (ASPM) uses a special fingerprint sensor, which analyses not only the skin surface but the fabric beneath it.

I have a feeling it may be $900 – $1,000 dollars.

Personal I think $1000 isn’t to much.

UPDATE: You can buy Asus UMPC here
Other option: Sony UMPC and Samsung UMPC

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