Have you ever lost track of time while playing a video game? Have you ever stopped playing a video game due to the total boredom or overwhelming difficulty? Graduate student Jenova Chen from USC is currently researching on design methodologies for elastic video game experience for wider audience. Try this little game and tell us what you think.

How to Play?
What am I suppose to do?
Dive deep into the space eat and evolve

Use Mouse Cursor to guide your creature
Hold on Left Mouse Button to accelerate

Red makes you dive down
Blue brings you back up
Filling up your body to grow longer
+ makes your current body segment evolve
Move slowly to make smaller turns

“flOw” Credits
Jenova Chen

Game Design
Visual Art
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Nicholas Clark

Game Design
Nick Clark is an aspiring game programmer and designer earning his Bacherlor’s degree in Computer Science at USC. This summer he will be programming for an indie game team and is looking for an engineering internship in the industry.


Austin Wintory

Sound Design
Music Composing
Austin Wintory is an experienced composer for film, games and concert halls alike. All around his credits include some 50 projects ranging from short and feature films, television programs, computer games, video/concept art, commercials, trailers and corporate videos.


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