SLI means 2 VGA into one single PC. We make some efforts to understand the sense of that technology. But now, NVIDIA go too far and they announce Quad SLI technology: 4 VGA cards in one PC. It is a stupid trend. Wake up dear engineers, marketing guys don’t have your brains 😉 .


Designed to enable extreme high-definition (HD) gaming, Quad SLI technology involves the use of four GPUs that are intelligently combined using NVIDIA proprietary rendering algorithms. The graphics horsepower generated in a PC using Quad SLI technology allows gamers to set their monitors to extreme HD resolutions, including an incredible 2560×1600, while still maintaining silky smooth frame rates. In addition, support for a new 32x antialiasing mode, and 16x anisotropic filtering enables stunning visuals and image quality for a truly immersive gaming experience.

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