After we write about GLOOO we go to take an interview with Igor Polyakov, GLOOO designer. Igor Polyakov is a very nice man and he agree with the interview.

1. Tell us the story of you. Like a short biography.

I am a Russian expat designer living in Finland. In my over than 10 years career in area of visual and industrial design I have made various works: from an Archaeological drawer to production artist. I started as
postmodernist artist in 80-s in Leningrad, where we formed group of artists called “Battle Elephants”, worked as production and set designer on Russian TV and movie studies, continued as Industrial designer and last 8 years I involved in web user interface and multimedia projects.

2. How big is your portfolio?

My portfolio is really big, from print media, oil paintings scattered around the world to web sites. You can take a look on the page called “List of works” on my web page.

3. How come the idea for GLOOO?

The idea of GLOOO has grown considerable amount of time, I thought about the tool that looks like a gadget from sci-fi movies. Some time ago I have established similar project that involves the same idea: Globe Communicator Internet Browser, you can learn more about it on ‘Projects’ section of my portfolio site.

4. What is Globe Communicator software?

In my opinion there can be versions for Windows and Apple OS, it’s necessary for configuration of the device.

5. It was difficult to implement this idea?

I have modeled this prototype very quickly, because I have constructed it in my imagination a while, and it was so easy to implement it, because in such object purpose dictating the form.

6. Do you have some price range for GLOOO?

I have no idea about it, because no feasibility research been done yet, but I do believe that sum about 300 euro would be reasonable price on the first stage.

7. I saw in the picture a virtual keyboard? What is this? It is your concept?

It’s doesn’t my concept, these keyboards are exists already.

8. The buttons are inspired by iPOD style?

The touch ball inspired by iPod design, I thinks it’s a great feature for this device.

9. Why GLOOO have sphere shape? Do you think it is better than plate?

The purpose is to browse the state of our planet, and this function dictates the shape of this object.

10. What is the GLOOO target (End users or corporate)?

The target of GLOOO are persons who want to be in touch with friends and who want to know more about the Earth.

11. is a Romanian web site. What you know about Romania?

I know about Romania that it’s a very beautiful country, the language sounds little bit as Italian, and we in Soviet Union always been eager to buy shoes made in Romania .

Thank you Igor Polyakov for your answers.

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