Say “good bye” to your mp3 player. You don’t need anymore to carry it when you run in the park. Why? Because Dada launched new wireless footwear system called ‘Code M’.
Code M’ is a shoe that delivers music to a wireless headset in a simple, easy to use manner. The delivery system consists of two key components seamlessly built into Dada shoes, offering easy access to music with no wires and no digital music device to carry.

In this first application, the Code M system is integrated into the shoe’s heel and tongue. Its memory gives the device the ability to hold up to 100 songs with a six-hour battery life. A USB port on the lateral side of the shoe allows downloading of music and re-charging of the battery. Another important element in the system is the wireless headset, which picks up music from the shoes as far away as 30 feet. Consumers will thus be able to hear musical choices while wearing the shoes, as well as after removing them so long as they stay within a 30-foot radius of the shoes.

According to Willis, the development of the Code M System came from personal frustration which became inspiration. “Like many great ideas, this one grew out of my frustration with existing products on the market. I love to work out to music but also want to be able to track my heart rate, pace, miles run, etc. When hiking, I’d like to be able to find my way, know the altitude and time. When I’m most busy, I frequently need instant access to my phone even when working out. Wouldn’t it be great to have one device to do it all? Simple concept, but not such a simple feat. Currently, no one item on the market can do it all. That is until now. With Code M, all of these devices can be consolidated. As a music delivery system in its present form, the user will have a wireless headset, and an electronic device integrated into shoes. Hands free working out, hands free living with access to music and, later, to all types of data. “


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