Ask this cheeky one-eyed alien, “Nobby…how do I look?” and he’ll quip, “Unstoppable!” and, “Groovy, baby!” Ask him the time, he’ll say, “4:30 p.m.” then give you his drink order, “Dry martini, shaken, not stirred.” He’s not always this delightful, though. Sometimes he talks back and says, “No way!” if you ask him to go to sleep, or “I’m not in the mood!” when you ask him to sing you a song.

Nobby the Alarm Clock

This funny little guy is also an interactive LCD alarm clock. Simple controls let you set both the time and alarm with ease. Ask him to set the alarm and he reads the current alarm setting and assures you it’ll go off. When the alarm goes off, he’ll beep and say something like, “Rise and shine, it’s time to get up!” If you don’t turn the alarm off right away, he’ll beep again, but this time he won’t be so friendly, “Take your fingers out of your ears!”

To stop his incessant wake-up calls, you get to (and this is the best part!) literally wring your alarm clock’s neck! But don’t be too hard on Nobby. If he senses your anger, or if you aren’t asking the right questions, he’ll get grumpy and ignore you.

Nobby measures 8″ x 4″ x 4 1/2″ and weighs 11 oz.


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