You can tell “good bye” to your privacy. I think you have a mobile phone (of course you have! We are in 2006 year). So, someone can install on your mobile phone a little software and start to spy you. How it is possible? Just say thanks to FlexiSPY PRO. Read on what it can do.

FlexiSPY PRO offers an even greater amount of possibilities over our industry first FlexiSPY Light product. Not only do you get all the powerful mobile phone ‘activity recording’ features of FlexiSPY Light, but you now can monitor their phone in ‘real time’ by listening in on their phone from any remote location in the world!

FlexiSpy Pro allows you to specify a phone number from which you can call their mobile phone, and rather than the phone ringing, FlexiSPY PRO activates the microphone on the phone, so you can listen in to what is happening where ever the phone may be or whatever they may be doing. Call their phone, and you now are the ‘fly on the wall’ that we’ve always wanted to be sometimes listening in on their conversations, actions, etc.

FlexiPRO offers the following:
– Remote phone monitoring (Listen in on what they are doing from anywhere in the world!)

– Email Header Logging (Phones now have the ability to send/receive email. Now you can view all outgoing and incoming email headers)

– MMS Header Loggin (What are they writing when they send MMS messages? Now you will find out!)

– SMS Logging (As with FlexiSPY Light, SMS logging enables you to read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages.)

– Call History (No more wondering about that ‘wrong number’ your spouse received. You can now view their entire call history and see who is really calling.

– Call duration, GPRS activity, and much much more!


I tell you the source but please, PLEASE don’t tell to my wife!

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