Today I read a wired story on BBC: more people than ever are asking to be buried or cremated with their mobile phones when they die. It is very strange. Maybe in the future the geeks will ask to be buried with their laptops or desktop…

The trend, which began in South Africa, has now spread to a number of countries, including Ireland, Australia, Ghana, and the US. He added that in many cases, being buried with your phone is part of what he termed limelight funerals, people wanting to be buried like celebrities. The phone is put in the coffin along with diamonds, jewellery, expensive suits, and gold watches. In some places, however, the practice has parallels with a much more distant time, as being buried along with one’s possessions can be traced to ancient Egypt. In the days of Tutankhamen it was done because they believed literally that the objects would be available to them in the afterlife.

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