If you don’t smoke you can skip this news. If you smoke … then I think you will hate me after this news :)

Your smart cigarette case is your electronic coach & partner.
Then it begins beeping and flashing when time to have a cigarette, like…SMOKE SIGNALS. Get it?

It’s Easy to Use: Load one pack of cigarettes inside and smoke normally for 7 days. Each time you open it for a cigarette, sensors track when you smoked. After a week, it has collected a perfect profile on your smoking patterns.

Connect a phone cord and watch as it uploads your data to a Scheduler. Immediately, the system calculates and loads your customized Quit Plan. Then, SmokeSignals prompts you when to smoke. The screen tells you exactly how many you’ve smoked today and how long until your next one. It reduces mindless, automatic smoking. No, it doesn’t lock you out or zap you when you fail to smoke on cue. It’s your partner, not your policeman.

After a few days of smoking on cue, re-connect the device by phone and update your profile. The device will get smarter and more sensitive.

You can watch a movie after jump…


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