When was the last time you gave a gift you made yourself? Elementary school? Get off the consumerist fast track and quit copping out with inferior gifts like candy and flowers. The LED Flashing Sweetheart Kit contains a circuit board, 28 LEDs and various diodes and resistors you solder together (with your own two hands) to create a lovely romantic knick knack. We won’t kid you here… You’ll need some basic soldering skills and it took one of our robotic monkeys about an hour to assemble one of these flashing beauties. But just think how impressed your gift recipient will be when he/she realizes you have created a high-tech electronic gizmo from scratch… plus you can practice up on your console modding skills to boot.

I don’t want to think what can be happen with my life if I come with this crap to my girl friend. My advice: keep out of this kind of stuff when you girlfriends’ birthday come…

Source (But please don’t buy this crap if your life is precious for you.)

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