5….4….3….2…1…. Houston we have lift off. The Aurora Rocket clock blasts onto the scene in a blaze of mood enhancing colour. Featuring all the colours of the rainbow (and a few more just for good measure) the gentle ambient light soothes and relaxes while also telling you the time. There are twelve colours in total which can alternate on the hour every hour. At over 25 cm tall when standing on its rocket fins the Rocket alarm clock is quite big and gives off lots of mood light. Although designed as an alarm clock which could be used in the bedroom the mood light feature makes it an ideal accessory for any part of the home where seductive ambient lighting is could be used..

In the night I really want to sleep not to watch a…. watch (English is so funny sometime, isn’t it?)

You can buy this crap from www.crazyaboutgadgets.com

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