ZMP INC, a Japanese robotic company based in Tokyo, has developed the first Network music player equipped with the latest Robotics Technology (RT), with the name of Miuro.

iPod can be connected to miuro and operated with a remote control. Other players can also be connected but have to be manually controlled. Playable formats include the current audio formats (WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, AIFF, LPCM) The robot is operated with a remote control, can play iPod and plays Net Radio connected through wireless LAN(802.11b/g)。When connected to a PC, additional functions include autonomous movement and landmark pointing through remote control.

When used on the floor, the user can press the [Floor mode] button and enjoy while sitting in a sofa of a direct sound. If put on a table, this sound can be enjoyed by pressing on the [Table mode] butto. The tuning was performed using DiMAGIC Co Ltd’s tool uphony.

The Design has been made with the collaboration of musical graphic producer Hara Shin’ichi。To put emphasis on the mobility of the robot, the design include big-size wheels which become the most recognizable characteristic of the robot。Using the big space of the wheels ZMP INC has encased there the speakers making the cover also the music enclosure. To enlarge the size of the sweet spot, ZMP INC has selected both extremes of the wheels for the location of the middle speakers.


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