We make an interview with Greg Snell, WinePod creator.

Greg Snell

What is WinePod?
The WinePod is a complete interactive winery for anyone to make grat wine.

What is target of this product?
The target is primarily wine drinkers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts

When will be available in Europe?
Summer 2007

How can you control WinePod from the web?
The WinePod has a wireless radio that communicates to a host PC application. The host PC application downloads and uploads data in HTML format to the web.

What is link between tech and wine? Can be WinePod this link?
Right now there is not much of a link between tech and wine. I hope that “tech” can help make wine more accessible and demystifed for the average drinker.

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Wine Pod

Wine Pod

Wine Pod

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