High quality housing on water is a new phenomenon globally. Waterliving has taken on the challenge of developing these new communities on water by combining contemporary architecture with an understanding of maritime design. The result is a new type of environment which not only sparks the imagination in individuals, but is also a unique solution to the growing problem of urban congestion and blight.

Now you can live or work in a completely new atmosphere, set apart from the ordinary, while still enjoying the security and comfort of a fully functioning modern home or office. The slight movements of your houseboat on the water will give you a greater sense of connectedness to the world around you. And the view through your windows will be constantly changing – shifts of light and weather and the tone of the water itself give the world a captivating new character.

WOW! Sailor city is near. We all will become sailors and we play polo instead soccer and “Go fish” instead poker. I go now to drink a cold beer. See u tomorrow 😉

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