Are you bored with your current fitness regime and fancy something a bit different? Then maybe it’s time to ‘jump’ on board the latest extreme sport bandwagon and get yourself a pair of Powerisers. These fantastic jumping stilts act as an extension of your own leg, giving you the incredible ability to jump, leap and run in extreme style!
Imagine jumping six feet in the air barely even breaking a sweat or running at speeds of over 20 miles an hour, a claim to fame even an Olympic athlete can’t make! The secret behind these incredible fun fitness gadgets is the curved springs, which are attached to the base. When you push your feet down, your weight creates gravitational energy. The super-charged springs then push back, harnessing this energy and giving you the power to run, leap and bound, reaching tremendous height and speed!

Jump! Jump! All together now! Watch the video to see more about this vehicle

Watch the video to see more about this vehicle (can I name it “vehicle”? Look at me, I can!)

Buy it with £199.95 from

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