Using the newly developed three-dimensional compression molding process, the specific gravity of a piece of cypress wood was increased from approximately 0.4~0.5 to more than 1 (approximately 2.5x compression). The resulting material is thin enough to be used as a casing material for electronic products, yet is much harder than the ABS and polycarbonate resin-based engineering plastics that are normally used to produce such casings.
It is this special three-dimensional compression molding technology that enables the material to be used to make electronic product casings.
Proprietary Olympus molding technologies developed for the production of digital camera, microscope, and endoscope lenses are used to form the wood material into the desired shape. The application of these high-precision molding technologies to wood compression molding results in an attractive natural patina that significantly reduces the need to post-process the material.

Fred and Barney we will have camera like yours :)


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