The $1,500 Edition 9 headphones utilize Ultrasone’s finest titanium plated drivers to deliver astounding sonic clarity and transparency. The Edition 9 headphones eye-catching aesthetic is due in large part to the use of the black chrome in both the ear cups and nameplates. The attention to detail in the design of the headphones is made apparent by the use of Ethiopian sheep leather in ear pads and headband pad, ensuring the listener maximum listening comfort. The headphones come in a sleek, metal attaché case for safe storage and transportation.

Nice headphones but come on! $1500 for headphones? Isn’t too much?

As with all their headphones, Ultrasone incorporated S-Logic™ technology into the Edition 9 headphones, displaying the unique combination of natural surround technology and reduced sound pressure levels. S-Logic™ technology reduces sound pressure to the eardrums by an astonishing 40%, while delivering the listener an amazing natural surround sound effect. Moreover, the headphones address the issue of reducing electromagnetic field radiation, commonly associated with cell phone use, by up to 98%.

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