Wireless Fibre Systems Limited Ltd. (WFS) announces the launch of the world’s first production standard Underwater Radio Modem.
The Modem, using electromagnetic techniques, is the first of a series of equipments based on WFS’s technology. This unique equipment is designed to transmit data from underwater to above the surface, thus crossing the water/air interface.

Underwater wireless

So from now people can communicate wireless when they are underwater, even to navigate on Internet 😉 .

Brendan Hyland, Chairman & CEO of WFS commented: “Underwater RF technology has long been considered technically challenging so overlooked when new underwater communications solutions were needed. ButWFS’s team has taken the time to understand the nature of rf propagation in water and through the water/air boundary. We have built a number of experimental systems to test underlying theory and to test our innovative productideas. The S1510 is the first of a family of underwater rf communications products to incorporate WFS’s patented technology and the latest digital techniques to deliver the performance needed by industry. We are confident underwater rf communications products will prove disruptive in key Offshore, Homeland Security & Defense and Environmental industry applications, Mark Rhode, Engineering Manager, advised. “With the completion of the S1510 Radio Modem to production standard we are now ready to address the underwater market for this electromagnetic based wireless communication technology. We begin this by unveiling the first equipment at UUVS and also by delivering a paper titled “Electromagnetic Propagation through the Water Column” at the Conference”. Applications being investigated by WFS include AUV real time control, navigation and docking, UUV data harvesting, underwater wireless networks, Image transmission, diver communications and contact less underwater connectors. Wireless Fibre Systems Ltd is the world leader in underwater RF technology. Privately owned, and using innovative work practices, WFS exploits the synergies between telecom and security industries to rapidly bring to market advanced, cost effective solutions for both above surface and underwater roles.

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