FOR THE CAR COLLECTOR WHO LIKES TO MAINTAIN a hands-on relationship with his machines, the four-post drive-on lift has become the standard solution for storing, detailing, and servicing your automobiles at home. Besides providing easy access for routine maintenance, the four-post lift let you stack two cars in a single parking space.

Above ground lifts come n a variety of sizes and capacities, to store anything from an Abarth to a stretched Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Park cars

So this is a garage with elevator. What are the benefits of Phantom Park? First, you can park 2 cars. Second, you can park one single car in basement and you can forget about thief. If someone (a bad boy) opens the garage he will see just an empty garage because your car is under garage. Smart, isn’t it? (I mean smart idea not smart thief, thief must be stupid to don’t see the mechanical part of elevator)

Key Benefits:

  • Double your space by parking two vehicles in the footprint of one parking stall
  • Unobtrusive and secure – the lift and lower vehicle are completely concealed
  • Aesthetically pleasing – canopy surface can be tiled to match surroundings
  • Multiple units can be installed side-by-side for use in condo’s, offices etc.
  • Ideal for low-ceiling applications – use as ‘verticle tandem parking’ to save space
  • Safe, easy to operate
  • Made in America

  • Park cars

    Standard Benefits and Features

  • Two (2) One-Piece, Structural Steel Parking Decks
  • (4) Steel Canopy Support Posts
  • Scissors Leg Stabilization
  • Adjustable Landing Legs
  • Maintenance Access Hatch
  • Hydraulic

  • High Pressure Lifting Rams
  • Remote Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Pre-Plumbed Ram Piping
  • High Pressure Connecting Hose
  • Hydraulic Up-Travel Limiting Device
  • Electrical

  • 230V-1ph Motor Control Panel
  • “UP/DOWN” Operator P/B Station
  • Solenoid-Operated Down Valve
  • Safety

  • Key-Switch Security Lock-Out
  • Beveled Toe Guard Protection
  • Hydraulic, Free-Fall Arrest Devices on each Ram in Event of Line Rupture
  • Minimum 3:1 Structural Safety Factor
  • Maintenance Device
  • Over-Pressure Relief System
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