Ever wanted to tell that person driving behind you to stop tailgating? How about just a friendly “hello” to a fellow motorist. Whatever your message, you can say it with the world’s first License Plate Billboard.

License Plate Billboard
I have other “nice” word to put there :)

You can advertise your business. You can tell that person behind you to slow down. With the License Plate Billboard, you can let other motorists know what you’re thinking with the push of the included remote control button. Store up to 4 separate messages or one long message up to 120 characters and have them scroll across the 147 LED lights of your billboard. Made of stainless steel, the License Plate Billboard is durable, easy to install and sure to attract attention on the freeways. Why pay good money for a license plate cover with some slogan on it when you can have one that you can change the sayings whenever you want? Get one for all your vehicles.

  • 7 different speeds to display 4 different messages.
  • Plate frame made of Stainless Steel.
  • Installation instructions included.
  • You can buy it from Gadget Universe at $49.95.

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