Of course you know Artemy Lebedev. He is creator of Optimus keyboard and Optimus Upravlator.
Today he agree to answer to our few questions about the Optimus Upravlator.

pcnews: Last year you tell us story of Art. Lebedev Studio. What news you have from last year till today?

Artemy Lebedev: We are getting older and our portfolio gets bigger. But most interesting things for us are those related to keyboard production. Some day I’ll be able to talk about it in more details.

pcnews:How come the idea for Optimus Upravlator?

Artemy Lebedev: Idea is simple – instead of one display per key try different approach – create one monitor with several buttons above it. This way we can keep the price adequate and get several other technical benefits.

pcnews: Will be a real stand alone product? Or will be part of a future complex product?

Artemy Lebedev: Optimus Upravlator will be an independent product.

pcnews:Can be used to play computer games?

Artemy Lebedev: Sure. But compatibility here depends on third-party support.

pcnews:We like the idea but do you think will be a good selling products? What is your forecast?

Artemy Lebedev: I don’t want to speculate about it before we start accepting pre- orders. But we expect to produce a lot of keyboards.

pcnews:I bet the price will be high. It is product only for enthusiast users? Or will be only for professional use? It is difficult to implement this technology?

Artemy Lebedev: Technologies behind the Upravlator are widespread. So I don’t see any difficulties here.

pcnews:I think will be assembled in some Asian country. What is the risk to see a lot of Chinese cheap clones of your products?

Artemy Lebedev: We have very good relationships with Taiwanese factories. And clones appear without any correlation to the producing country.

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