A digital clock and calendar powered by food! This fruit powered digital clock and calendar combines micro-electronic technology with the natural electrical potential of a fresh fruit or vegetable. The Fruit Clock uses the original scientific principles on which all modern electrical storage batteries are based. Just add a fresh orange, apple, lemon, lime, pear, banana, or any another convenient fruit or vegetable to the supplied components in this kit and you have the perfect synthesis of natures own electrical power resource and the accuracy of a digital clock.

Question: How many fruits I need to start my car’s engine?

A professor of physics at the University of Pavia in Italy, Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) is credited with the invention of the electric cell. It was on March 20, 1800 that he sent a letter to the Royal Society of London describing a revolutionary discovery. He had stacked a zinc disk and a copper disk, with a leather disk in between. The leather disk had been soaked in a mild acid solution of lemon juice. Volta found that a small flow of electrical current between the copper and the zinc resulted. Thus was born the ‘voltaic pile’ or electrical storage battery. With this Fruit Powered Clock you will essentially replicate this experiment by Volta. The ultimate in clean and renewable power sources.

Source: www.physlink.com

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