NEC is working hard on developing a personal robot that provides truly friendly means of communicating in the information age.


R100 is a prototype robot developed at NEC’s Central Research Laboratories. Using visual recognition, voice recognition, mechatronics and Internet communication technologies, the robot can recognize individual faces, understand verbal commands, and move smoothly around the home, avoiding such obstacles as tables and chairs.


What does it do?

  • The R100 can recognize different members of the family. When called, it rolls right up and asks what it can do for you.
  • With its built-in, full-time Internet connection, your R100 knows when you have email.
    Equipped with cameras and microphones, the R100 can even record video messeages and replay video messages on the TV.
  • The R100 can turn your TV, lights and other appliances on/off at your request. When you’re away from home, the robot looks after your home. If the robot comes across somebody, it can instantly record what it sees and send it to you as a video message to an e-mail address you specify.
  • When it has nothing to do, the R100 will wander around the home. If it meets someone, it will say “Hello” or “Let’s have some fun together.” Sometimes it will just turn round and round, humming a tune to itself. Of course, all these features can also be turned off, if you’d like your R100 to sit quietly in a corner until you call it.
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