Now you can drink hands-free. We present you same nice devices that will make an easy life. Or maybe not.

With mobile Take-a-Belt Booze Belt, you’ll be the most popular host this side of Sierra Madre. An After 5 signature design, it includes two holsters for tequila, Jack, Jagermeister, whathaveyou (not included); and six molded ammo slots for shotgun shell shot glasses (included). Thermally molded foam liquor carriers and nylon web belt.

The Beer Belly is a beer bladder that fits stealthily and comfortably around your waist under your shirt, with a feeder tube and bite valve that delivers beer to the user.

Through ingenious and very scientific technology utilizing a helmet, two drink holders, and some plastic hose, the groundbreaking DrinkHat revolutionizes beer consumption by conveniently placing beverage containers on both sides of the frontal lobe. The tri-valve ergonomic “chug” lines allow the drinker to imbibe from two beverages at once, thus doubling the intoxication rate while freeing up the hands to better tally Fantasy Football scores, crochet, or hold a couple more beers.

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