It can be a great gift for Star Wars fans 😉


He’s back! 15 inch R2-D2 Electronic Voice Command Astromech Droid. Finally a droid to call your own! This easy-to-control functional droid walks, talks and responds to over 40 commands. Resourceful and adventurous, R2-D2 is ready, willing and able to serve. Navigates, patrols and finds you on its own! Guards and protects your room with its sentry room alarm. Plays multiple interactive games. Remembers and reacts to key Star Wars characters. Other awesome features include illuminating light beam, intergalactic beverage holder and utility arm, sound processing microphones, sonar navigational system, adaptable droid mood status indicator, and a sleek rotating dome.

You can buy it here

PS: This toy is rare they only made like 9,000 of them

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