Till now water cooling was only for overclocking enthusiast users. But if this technology is good for extreme computing why is not use for servers? Angstrom Microsystems catch the idea and today announced AMS LiquiCool(TM), a liquid cooling technology that reduces air-conditioning needs by over 75%.

Using a data-center-safe and environmentally friendly fluid, Angstrom cost-effectively replaces inherently inefficient air cooling with a highly flexible and scalable solution for the main stream data center. LiquiCool extends the life span of existing data centers with minimal, if any, modification to the data center. Angstrom blade servers are not beholden to restrictions within the data center due to air conditioning, thus can provide the densest solutions in the market today. In fact, because Angstrom LiquiCool blades do not require additional air-conditioning, they may be placed external to the data center, running silently without large fans.

“Angstrom is providing exciting, disruptive technology that strikes at the heart of our customers’ air-conditioning and power concerns,” said Lalit Jain, CEO of Angstrom Microsystems. “With our patent-pending cooling solutions, Angstrom enables scaling of high volume deployments with the most current processors the market has to offer.”

As part of its Green Computing Initiative, Angstrom is also introducing efficient DC and 3-phase A/C power technology that reduces power utilization within the data center by over 25%. Utilizing both the air conditioning and power technologies, Angstrom can save data centers 40-60% of electricity costs.

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