In present the phone call are almost free. But of course we want real free phone calls not just almost free :)

The Linksys CIT 310 Dual-Mode phone for Yahoo Messenger frees your internet phone from all cords and computers. With its convenient and ergonomic handset, you can make free voice-over-internet-phone (VOIP) calls to all your friends who have Yahoo Messenger accounts, or very inexpensive calls to cell and land-line phones anywhere in the world–from any room in your house.

Linksys CIT310 Dual-Mode Cordless Phone for Yahoo! Messenger

I like the design but I must confess that I’m a big fan of Skype. Anyway, let’s give a try to Yahoo! Messenger with voice.

Technical Details

  • Standard Cordless Phone with Yahoo! Messenger with Voice support
  • Your Yahoo! Messenger List is right there on the handset display
  • Talk for FREE to other Yahoo! Messenger with Voice users
  • Talk with anyone on their regular phone with the Phone Out or Phone In service
  • You can buy Linksys CIT 310 Dual-Mode phone for Yahoo Messenger from our store

    “Dual Mode” means that you can either use the device to make regular calls through your phone service, as you would with any cordless phone, or, you can allow the phone to connect through your computer’s high-speed internet service and–using your Yahoo Messenger with Voice account make internet calls anyware in the world.

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