Motorola today highlighted that the AgION antimicrobial has now been incorporated into additional iDEN phones. The recently launched i835 and i880 handsets join the i870, introduced last year, to Motorola’s growing portfolio of phones that feature AgION’s antimicrobial. The antimicrobial, developed by AgION Technologies, Inc., is incorporated into the coating and protects the phones by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms such as mold and mildew to help resist odor. Motorola is the first and only manufacturer to offer mobile devices that feature AgION’s antimicrobial technology for product protection.

The AgION antimicrobial is incorporated into the plastic of the painted surfaces and the keypads of the phones. It has been proven effective against a range of mold, algae and other microorganisms. The antimicrobial is comprised of naturally occurring silver ions. Silver has long been recognized for its antimicrobial properties and has been used to fight microbes for many years.

The AgION compound provides protection from microorganisms by releasing silver ions to the surface at a slow and steady rate. This creates a self- cleaning surface that provides safe, continuous, long-term protection from microbes. Studies have shown that surfaces treated with AgION’s antimicrobial result in a 99.99 percent reduction in the number of microbes within a one- hour period than what is normally found on untreated surfaces.While the AgION antimicrobial helps protect the phone’s treated surfaces, it does not protect users against viruses or other germs.

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