Featuring a clear and functional design by Danny Venlet, ideal for the garden or around the pool and can also be used on a jetty or a patio. You step onto a white, round plate made of non-slip plastics and with your own weight you launch mechanics which produce a water jet about 4 metres high. The water comes out of little holes along the brink of the disk, then falls gently down in the middle. Water supply results from a standard hosepipe with a „Gardena“ connection.

OMG! How I’ll wash my head?

Weight & Measurements about 14 kilos
measurements: DM 30,7 inch, height 4,3 inch
Material upper part: plastics, UV-resistant and non-slip, with drill-holes
base part: plastics with stainless steel blind
Technical details
opening of valve (water fl ow) from a weight of about 5 kilos, embedded fi lter to avoid plugging of the jets, hosepipe is not included in delivery, black hose can be obtained separately


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