BMW has announced the start of production of the new BMW Hydrogen 7, the first hydrogen-powered luxury car, to be unveiled on November 28 at the Los Angeles Motor Show. The BMW Hydrogen 7 comes equipped with an internal combustion dual power 260hp 12-cylinder engine, capable of running on liquid hydrogen which switches to conventional petrol when needed. When on Hydrogen mode, the car emits nothing more than water vapour. The BMW Hydrogen 7 will be sold beginning in 2007 in limited numbers.

You can watch the below video to find more about BMW Hydrogen 7 like filling procedure and car interior. I must warn you: BMW Hydrogen 7 is a Luxury car so you can only dream about it …

Emission Free BMW Hydrogen 7

Content of video: General views of Hydrogen filling procedure at TOTAL filling station (Berlin, Germany), engine 3-D Animation (tank and engine) and general views of car interior. Enjoy.

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