Battle Zone Twin Boxing Robots it is a nice toy for 6 – 10 years.

Battle Zone Twin Boxing Robots

Two fighters, mano-a-mano, face off as you control the action with a wireless infrared remote control, allowing them to move realistically. The touch pad controls eight directional movements, including forward, backwards, right and left turns, and even 360 degree spins! In Battle Mode, the two fighters engage in a fierce combat. Attack with dazzling combinations, of left and right hooks, jabs and straight-ahead punches. You’ll learn to defend just like a professional boxer. Lights in the gloves turn bright when a hit is scored. These fighters participate in a follow-the-lights sparring session, too.


  • Robots are controlled by wireless remotes
  • Each Robot has 8 directional movements
  • Funny
  • Can be a nice gift for a little boy
  • Con

  • 8 of each AA and C type batteries needed
  • No brain involved
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