RTX now introduces DUALphone 3088 which can be used as a normal telephone as well as for calling via Skype – without a PC. The new DUALphone helps people to save money on their phone bill and gives them more flexibility when using Skype.

Easy-to-use and plug-and-dial handsets are a key driver in growing Skype’s global user base, which currently stands at 136 million. The DUALphone 3088 is a convenient cordless phone which removes the need of a computer when making Skype calls. A broadband Internet connection should be used for all calls via Skype.

The phone also allows the user to decide whether to make a free call via the Internet between Skype users, or to use the regular landline connection. As well as freeing users from the PC, the DUALphone has a simple Skype user interface and possesses nearly all Skype voice features for which Skype software is known.

The cordless aspect of the product is provided by DECT, a wireless technology well known for high reliability, low cost and no interference problems. The phone base station connects easily to the broadband router and the phone line. The new DUALphone 3088 has a colour display and an operating time of more than 10 hours of talk time as well as up to 140 hours at standby.

While the DUALphone 3088 includes a regular landline connection, Skype itself should not be used as a replacement for your ordinary telephone service. Skype does not support emergency calls.

The DUALphone 3088 will be available at RTX’s distribution partners all over Europe and at www.dualphone.net from today. The product will be available at selected European retailers and at the Skype Online Store from December 1, 2006. The recommended retail price will be EUR 159, incl. VAT.

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